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P-Slin by USPlabs


p-slinNew pre-workout pill allows you to eat more carbs, gain fresh new muscle mass & lose more fat – while experiencing the greatest skin-bursting pumps & freaky vascularity of your life!

What You Can Expect From P-Slin:

  • Skin-Bursting Pumps!
  • Increased Strength & Power!
  • Significantly Improved Endurance!
  • Stimulant-type energy without any nervousness, increased heart rate, etc – All energy through improved cellular function, no sides!
  • Improved ability to digest and process large amounts of food and carbohydrates!
  • Wicked Vascularity!
  • Fast-acting!
  • Increased Lean Body Muscle Mass!
  • Decreased Body fat!
  • Easy once-per-day dosing!
  • Continues to work as long as you take it!

Are you interested in turning every single workout into a mind-blowing event as you experience awesome gains in strength and power, increased lean muscle mass, decreased bodyfat, skin-bursting pumps and all-day endurance?

If so, then this will be the most important and exciting message you will ever read! Here’s why… USPLabs has recently perfected a non-stimulant pre-workout pill that will simply blow your mind. In fact, we are so confident that you will experience the best workouts of your life, we’re releasing P-Slin as the first product in our new supplement line called Pure Supplements.

And P-Slin is not what you’re thinking either. It’s not a “me-too” product that’s basically the same as every other product on the market… P-Slin has absolutely nothing to do with creatine, Nitric Oxide – type products, stimulants or “kitchen-sink” formulas.

To prove our confidence, we will put our tiny little pill, that only needs two compounds to deliver it’s awesome effects, against all those garbage-pail formulas that throw everything under the sun into it and hope it works. VP-Slin is so powerful, one tiny 500 mg pill is more effective than a 20,000 mg serving of those garbage-pail pre-workout “formulas”!

Don’t you like to know what’s working for you? We do…and that’s why we developed P-Slin…

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