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oxy elite proGreen Tea For A Six Pack?

Listen, green tea has MANY benefits…It’s an awesome antioxidant and is rightfully a staple in many intelligent lifters arsenals… And, yes, some science shows it boosts metabolism…but let’s be honest, it’s not gonna get you ripped. My grandmother’s been drinking it every day for decades and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have a six-pack.

And synephrine…don’t even get me started with that crap…It wasn’t effective when it was initially touted as “the next ephedra” …and it’s not effective now – despite it blindly being included in pretty much every formula out there…

After establishing Recreate™ as THE top-notch low-stim fat burner in existence, we set out to develop a stim-based fat burner that, well, actually burned fat!

…I’m proud to say we’ve hit paydirt…

Introducing a burner so laser-targeted, it’s been coined the “Super Thermogenic™” by researchers familiar with its effectiveness…

It’s called OxyELITE Pro™ – Its potency is unmatched & its ability to deliver is flat-out staggering…

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