News: 11/05/2008

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Mark Dugdale, Pro Bodybuilder and 2007 Mr. Olympia contender, has released a new DVD…Beyond Driven. IPF World Powerlifting Championships are underway. Steve Poynter, transformation of the week. Sacramento Pro Figure review. Brock Lesnar on Pro MMA Radio. Toney Freeman signs with Muscletech. Arnold’s Winter mass-packing workout. Peary Rader’s old school training. Firefighter bodybuilder Albert Arroyo under fire. Inquest to deal with drug misuse in death of bodybuilder. Pepsi ties the knot with Muscle Milk. 20 fitness trends for 2009. Biggest Loser trainer jailed for beating son with weightlifting belt. Barack Obama’s early morning workout routine. BSN Cellmass Reviews.

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