News: 10/24/2008

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ESPN The Magazine: You Don’t Know Jay. Ben Weider passes away. Youtube interview featuring the first man to bench 1,000 pounds, Gene Rychlak. Are winners in untested powerlifting meets using? Grilling dangers: what to watch out for when grilling. Minutes from the IFBB annual meeting. Iron Magazine has teamed with Model Search. Branch Warren, Dennis Wolf eye 2009 Arnold Classic. Steroids Forever: An Interview With A Life-Long Steroid User. Pushing Back: A female powerlifter offers lessons in dedication, perseverance, and more. Mother of 5 goes from overweight to bodybuilding competition. 86-Year-Old Princeton Alumnus Sets World Record for Weightlifting. Weightlifting helps knee arthritis patients. Strength training can ease aging’s effect on women. Fitness Matters: She’s a powerlifter, wife, mother, grandmother. BSN NO-Xplode Reviews.

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