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Negative Reps – Negative Repetitions

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Negative Reps – Negative Repetitions. What is a negative rep?

Each bodybuilding exercise has 2 phases; the eccentric and concentric phase. The actual rep itself – or the act of exertion required to push or pull a weight – is known as the concentric phase of the repetition. The eccentric phase of the rep is the lowering of the weight required to move it into position so you can perform another rep.

Negative reps are generally additional eccentric repetitions performed after reaching positive (or near positive) concentric failure during a set. Negative reps are performed with a varying tempo, with some training systems encouraging negative reps that take 10 seconds or more to complete.

Also, some powerlifting and HIT advocates will on occasion perform sets with negative reps only.

Research has shown that negative reps are a valid and effective training tool. Eccentric reps stress muscle as much, if not more then the concentric motion. Because of this, a focus on the controlled lowering of a weight during a set of repetitions is recommended. This “controlled lowering” does not have to take more then a couple of seconds, as long as the weight is not allowed to be lowered entirely by the force of gravity.

Some examples of negative reps…

Bench Press. During the bench press, the act of pushing the weight off the chest is the concentric motion, and the lowering of the weight to your chest is the eccentric motion. A negative bench press rep involves the controlled lowering of the bar to your chest, taking anywhere form 2-10 seconds or more.

Barbell Bicep Curl. The curling of the barbell towards the chest is the eccentric phase of the bicep curl. Lowering the weight from the chest is the concentric phase. A negative bicep curl rep involves the controlled lowering of the bar from the chest to a position in which the arms are nearly straight.

Doggcrapp training – DC training – advocates a 6 second negative rep in between every positive repetition. Also, some forms of volume training, as well as High Intensity Training, advocate slower negative rep phases.

Negative Rep Videos.

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