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Subject: New Judging Guidelines for 2010

Beginning on the 2010, there will be a few modifications to the INBF/WNBF judging procedures. This is to ensure that athletes are provided the best opportunity to be fairly judged at all INBF/WNBF events and to help the athlete understand what the judges are looking for physique-wise.

At all bodybuilding prejudging, three score will  be given to both male and female competitors. Bodybuilders will be scored on symmetry, muscle mass and conditioning. In the past, INBF/WNBF guidelines dictated that athletes be scored over two rounds: Symmetry and muscularity.  The muscularity round combined both mass and conditioning creating a difficult choice for judges of deciding between these two aspects of bodybuilding.

To make the scoring more clearly defined, an extra round will be added to the prejudging consisting of four poses : Most Muscular (of choice), Front Double Biceps, Side Chest (of choice) and Rear Lat Spread. Bodybuilders will be judged on fat-free muscle mass, not by overall conditioning. Athletes will be judged on conditioning in a separate round consisting of all the mandatory poses.

This will especially help Women’s Bodybuilding, which is often confused with Figure and Ms. Fit Body. Figure athletes are scored in three rounds in the prejudging:  Beauty/Presence, Symmetry/Muscletone and Presentation. Athletes are required to display an athletic, feminine physique, which takes into account facial beauty, overall appearance and graceful presentation.

Ms. Fit Body will no longer be scored by facial beauty. Instead scoring will be based on symmetry and muscle tone being presented in a series of feminine poses. Judges are not looking for a bodybuilding-type physique, but an above-average athletic appearance.

The Head Judge at all INBF/WNBF events reserves the right to penalize an athlete one point for each pose if the athlete refuses to  perform the requested poses properly. The athlete will be given a warning to correctly perform the pose and if the judge’s request is ignored, may have a penalty assessed to  their placement for each improper pose Athletes will perform only the poses requested by the Head Judge or face the same penalty.

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