Natural Bodybuilding Champion Joseph Ohrablo Looks at the 2009 Olympia


The Mr. Olympia has come and gone and Jay Cutler has regained his title!! So many people said it couldn’t be done!! Jay was done, he was kapootz!! His leg and arm issues were very visible last year, and he simply couldn’t nail the conditioning that almost nabbed him a Sandow back in 01. Let me state my opinion of the top 5 at the O, how I felt they looked, and if I feel they deserved their placements!!

5th-Phil Heath. The gift suffered some nasty food poisoning sometime before the prejudging which caused him to flatten out significantly. He did bring his trademark conditioning and displayed awesome shape and lines, but it wasn’t until the next night at the night show that he was able to alleviate the mishap and show up looking way fuller, harder and more complete!!

4th-Kai Greene. Originally my pick to win the whole thing, Kai certainly didn’t disappoint. He brought his trademark freaky, grainy, striated self to Vegas ready for battle. Everyone who was there said Kai got harder and harder as the prejudging went on!! The man is a freak of nature. I feel he may have been a TAD harder at the Arnold, but I don’t know if that’s the case or if the lighting is just better at the Arnold? Either way, I had him ahead of Dexter out of pure freakiness and slabs of muscle on top of muscle!

3rd-Dexter Jackson. The blade brought his usual blend of symmetry, hardness and proportions to the stage, but something just wasn’t right about his physique to me. He never looks unbelievably freaky grainy like Branch or Kai or even Jay this year. He looked awesome, don’t get me wrong, but I had him in 4th.

2nd-Branch Warren. The biggest surprise of the year!! Branch trains like a complete maniac beast in the gym, and it paid off for him this year by nabbing himself second place to Jay Cutler. The last time these two stood head to head was at the 1993 teenage nationals overall with Jay winning the heavy’s and Branch taking the Lt. Heavy. It was Branch that took the overall 16 years ago. It must have been a nostalgic feeling for them both to stand side by side again 16 years later battling it out for 1st place. What about Branch’s physique? Freaky freaky freaky!! Branch had veins all over the place, hardness as if he was made out of cinder blocks, unbelievable legs and improved back and arms. Branch is a working mans bodybuilder, training like an animal to improve on the genetics god gave him!! He totally deserved his placement, and I hope he continues to come in looking like he did!!

1st place-Jay Cutler. Jay did it!! Not only did he improve on his 2001 conditioning, he bettered it!!! Jay is working with pre-contest guru Hany Rambod and utilizing his FST-7 system! Could that have been the missing factor for Jay’s winning combination of size, shape, proportions and conditioning? Could it have been his diet? Both? Who knows??? But I do know his leg issue seems to have improved dramatically. The man came in simply unreal, and he deserved his 3rd Mr. Olympia title!!

Disappointments. Victor Martinez was 6th and looked totally off. Very water logged and seemed as if his leg issue was more obvious than at the Arnold???

Dennis Wolf – I had the man in the top 5, but obviously he did the TOTAL opposite from last year and over carbed. He was very water logged and soft. I feel really bad for Dennis because I know he can become Mr. Olympia one day. He needs to go back to the drawing board and look to redeem himself next year!!

Shocks this year – Joel Stubbs holy wide Batman!!! Back in the day Joel tore both of his quads playing basketball. I know exactly how he feels cause I tore both quad tendons last December!! It’s tough coming back from an injury like that!! It looks like Joel’s upper quads and inner thighs/tear drop have a lot of mass on them. It’s the outer sweep that deters from his total look. His upper body is disgustingly wide and huge, with a lat spread that would make Ronnie Coleman run for the hills!!! If Joel can somehow make those legs grow he will climb the ladder!!!

Joe Ohrablo
My name is Joseph Ohrablo, I am a Natural Professional bodybuilder with the USBF. I am 35 years old, I reside with my wife Nichole in Raleigh, NC, and I am the owner of Dynamic Personal Training. I do online and in-home personal training, as well as complete pre-contest support for bodybuilders and figure athletes alike. To find out more about me, my credentials and experience please visit
  • tommy coates May 5,2010 at 11:28 am

    As you say everbody does his or her thing.Me i am a natural one i had a family to think of and i was not that good to make it to the top.Plus steriods cost alot of money and nobody sure what they do to your healthy.

  • joe Oct 12,2009 at 7:52 pm

    I respect both forms of bodybuilding. Lets face it how many natural bodybuilders started working out because they saw Dave goodin or Skip Lacour ? very little. Most of my natural brothers got biten by the bodybuilding bug by seeing pictures or Arnold or Dorian Yates or Ronnie Coleman. I love a good freak show!! does it mean I want to or will strive to become like them? no way. I chose to be natural because number one it wasn’t worth the potential physical harm it could do to my body, number two its too expensive and number three I could never say I was natural again if I ever did them. Does me being natural mean I cant enjoy watching Kai green or Branch Warren? They are freaks, grainy huge monster freaks. I won’t sugar coat how they look. As far as newbies reading this article and being persuaded to use steroids, if they are so easily swayed by a few choice words then my take on the ‘freaks” at the O will have no baring on them doing juice or not. Besides last I checked, this wasn’t a natural site anyway. It was my take on the O, the way I saw it. I happen to be a natural professional bodybuilder. We all know they do juice. This is why natural bodybuilding has such a bad rap.It shouldnt be a “us vs them” deal. I don’t chose to point my finger at the chemically enhanced guys and say “yeah he was a freak but he was juiced to the gills”. From Jay Cutler down to the over weight novice guy we see at the local show, we are all bodybuilders. If your natural awesome take pride in that, but you aren’t one bit better then someone who does steroids. If you do juice and are 100 pounds bigger then a natural guy who chose to keep it clean, same deal your no better then he is. Cant we all just get along?? lol

  • phil Oct 9,2009 at 4:41 am

    If you are a natural athlete/body builder, why are you extolling and near drooling over the successes of chemically enhanced bodybuilders? All that talk of “freakish” and “inhuman grainyness” is misplaced and misleading and encourages the impatient newbies in the gym to take the shorcut, which is potencialy harmful. Extoll the virtues of the natural route and leave the freaks to their freakdom,

  • joe Oct 5,2009 at 5:26 pm

    hey Tommy, shoot me an email!!

  • tommy coates Sep 29,2009 at 3:04 pm

    Good write up me i am natural bodybuilder 71 years old.

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