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Natadrol by LG Sciences


natadrolNatadrol is a potent muscle-building androgen found naturally occurring in our environment. Natadrol WILL require an over-the-counter PCT; either Formadrol Extreme or T-911 is recommended. Naturally, androgenic side effects are possible, however, recent testers have only reported very mild sides. Excitingly, Natadrol should NOT make you test positive for steroids, nor is it a steroidal androgen, thus making it difficult for government bodies to pull it from the shelves without excessive legislative reform.

Natadrol Benefits:

  • May Increase Strength
  • May Increased Stamina
  • May Enhance Fat Loss
  • Positive Aggression In the Gym
  • Reduced Water Retention

If you’re looking for a highly effective alternative to those soon-to-be illegal hormonal products, then this is it! Add the size you want, the strength you need, and the sexual performance you desire with Natadrol!

Natadrol consists of four very carefully and wisely extracted ingredients, two of which are completely new to the bodybuilding community, and yield incredible results.

Creating Natadrol wasn’t easy. For each ingredient there is a very precise and meticulous process that must be carried out. These ingredients are not easily found in bulk, and even if the extract was found, chances are it isn’ít what we have here.

When it comes to ingredient extraction, there are two rules to live by:

  1. Not all extracts are the same – some are alcohol based, some are water based, and there is a precise reason for both. Alcohol picks up totally different fractions of the plant than water, so finding a study that shows activity of the alcohol doesn’t mean you can run out and buy any extract on the shelf. Additionally, something that is potent using the water based extract isn’t going to be as beneficial as an alcohol based extract or even the raw herb itself.
  2. Every plant will have both estrogenic (which we don’t want) and androgenic (which we do want) constituents, so it takes a trained eye to pick only the extracts that avoid estrogenic effects and highlight anabolic/androgenic effects.

With that being said, we MUST use the precise extraction method found in literature that has been shown effective at reducing estrogen and improving the anabolic/andorgenic ratio, so it is imperative that these ingredients have been extracted properly before theyíre used.

The Androgenic aspect of Natadrol:

Tinospora Cordifolia – Ethanolic Extract: This is the ONLY and I repeat ONLY herbal product to FULLY stimulate the androgen receptor, and it is shown in the scientific literature to be about as potent as Hydroxy-Testosterone (hydroxytestosterone is the active version of Formestane). If you use the water extract of this product like I am sure our competitors will, you are going to have very bad effects, so make sure you take the extra time and buy ONLY the ethanolic extract of this product! What is so remarkable about this compound is that not only did it ACT like an androgen in key tissues,tissues; its androgenic effects were blocked, similar to DHT by the anti-androgen flutamide, meaning its activity on the androgen receptor is CONFIRMED.

The Anabolic aspect of Natadrol:

Curculigo Orchioides – Water Based Extract: This new extract is similar to Hibiscus in that the water based extract is a potent sexual stimulant and anabolic. Sadly, the ethanolic extract may be truly androgenic, but it can also pick up the estrogenic components, causing more harm than good in terms of side effects, so we need to avoid it. Still, the water based extract was shown in the literature to have potent sexual and anabolic effects.

Cissus Quadrangularis – Standardized for Ketosterones: We were not first to bring this ingredient to market, but it has proven itself to be a solid anabolic without any androgenic effects. The ketosterones appear to rebuild muscle and connective tissue, which is important when weight and strength are drastically increased over a short period of time.

pSARMs found in Natadrol:

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinesis – Water Based Extract: Shown in the literature as a potent pSARM (phyto selective androgen response modifier), this again is only valid with the proper WATER based extraction method since the ethanol extract in this case may pick up some things we don’t want. This water basedwater-based plant is an anabolic pSARM that shows an increase in body weight in testers. The ethanolic extract is both estrogenic and androgenic, which makes it undesirable until someone can figure out how to separate the fractions, but until then we can enjoy its pSARM properties whichproperties that are quite significant themselves.

So, how does it feel to be on Natadrol?

One tester who has a very extensive history with prohormones ranked both the weight and strength gains on par with 1-AD, with slightly less side effects and slightly higher positive aggression, libido, and strength, that only took second to Superdrol.

With Natadrol you may get the full anabolic/androgenic spectrum with extremely impressive results that lead to gains in lean body mass, a heightened level of self-esteem, and an aggressively charged libido.

PCT and Natadrol

Even though it is natural, it is POTENT, so you are going to want to run PCT with this product. Over the counter PCT is fine. Examples of this would be our Formadrol Extreme or T-911, but you could also use Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) or Resveratrol.

Steroidal PCT: 6-OXO, 6-Bromo, ATD, Formestane

Non-steroidal PCT: Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C), Resveratrol

If you’re looking for a highly effective alternative to those soon-to-be illegal hormonal products, then this is it! Add the size you want, the strength you need, and the sexual performance you desire with Natadrol!

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