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Muscle Building: Plan Your Meals

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I just finished cutting up a few days’ worth of broccoli for this week.  I’ll be steaming this and will probably eat it with baked chicken (I usually bake enough for at least two or three meals when I cook).

I started thinking about this question: how many young trainees don’t really plan their meals?  I know I didn’t back in my early days of training (teenage boys aren’t exactly known for being picky eaters or good cooks).

Please evaluate my supplement stack.

Anyone seen this topic on a bodybuilding forum?  I see it all the time, and I usually try to give a helpful educated answer.

But some of these same folks haven’t put half that much thought into what they’ll be eating.  They have it backwards—they’ve spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours trying to figure out which supplements to buy. Supplements aren’t that important in the first place, but they are completely irrelevant without the proper nutrition.

This is especially true when it comes to fat loss.  Planning and executing your diet is at least 90% of the equation in getting six pack abs.  I always say you can’t out-train a crappy diet when it comes to losing fat.

I know most of us are too busy to carefully prepare each meal.  This is where planning comes in.  Cut, measure, cook, or prepare your food for the week in one afternoon if needed.

What if you can’t eat properly for one meal?  What if you need to an unhealthy meal for a business meeting?  Then just enjoy yourself and don’t obsess over one meal.  You’ll do fine as long as you are eating well most of the time.

Plan your meals.  That’s one simple tip you should follow, regardless of specific goals.

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    its really beneficial for body builders to have this link thanks to the maker of this link.

  • amit Dec 8,2011 at 10:06 am

    please elaborate the the general diet,,,,,,,,,,,,

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