Muscle Asylum Project Supplement Reviews

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Muscle Asylum Project Supplement Reviews

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We wanted to create bodybuilding supplements that were more effective than anything else available, and we mean anything. Absurd? Perhaps. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what we were determined to do. Our philosophy became: By Any Means Necessary. Whatever it takes to overcome the chemical or physical limitations preventing you from becoming a freak. We’re so obsessed with bodybuilding that “average” people may think we’re truly insane. And so, our drive for building outrageous muscle led us down paths no exercise physiologist, exiled Olympic coach, or “guru” has ever contemplated. We rebuilt the entire puzzle of human growth potential – in some cases, one molecule at a time.

We applied the latest advancements in nutramolecular theory to develop Wave Pulse Technology – specifically designed to dramatically enhance micronutrient transport. Years ahead of its time, this groundbreaking innovation employs a precise portion of strategically scaled molecular compounds engineered to invade your contractile cells n rapid chemical priority.

We uncovered bleeding-edge human physiology research that revealed a critical anabolic compound, when used in a precise fashion, could actually activate satellite cells to grow new muscle tissue.

Due to the overwhelming, “unique feel” of our formulas, we developed a proprietary Excitation Scale to gauge the sensory stimulation experienced by subjects in our beta-testing.

We travel to the most remote corners of the world to track down extremely rare, potent compounds such as gamma-butrobetaine eicosanoate (GBB) – a highly volatile vasodilating agent.

And that’s just scratching the surface. Why are we so concerned with the smallest details? It’s simple. We want you to pack on more damn muscle and torch more freakin’ fat with our stuff than with anything you’ve ever tried. Our mission is to transform average men into beasts, and beasts into freaks of nature.

We admit it — we’re not for everybody. If your obsession with being huge and inhumanly ripped doesn’t border on psychotic, this might be too much for you to handle. But if you’re got what it takes, step inside the Muscle Asylum Project.

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