Muscle and Brawn News: 11/29/2008

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Ernesto Milian totals 10 times his bodyweight @ age 61. Batman is dead, killed by his father. Long live Batman. Transformation of the week: wheelchair bodybuilder Nick Scott loses 120 pounds. Phil Heath to skip 2009 Arnold Classic. The great competition: bodybuilding’s first contests. Pioneers of strength: Apollon. 2008 NPC National Bodybuilding and Figure Championships results. Sheila Bleck puts on PROformance. Top 10 bodybuilding stories of the year. The science of getting laid. Abraham Bigg’s suicide spurs a debate. Putnam earns pro card. Testosterone boosts mass and power in older men. Is Brock Lesnar the next Hollywood action hero? Very old school strength. I’m sick, can I work out?

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