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Muscle and Brawn News: 03/06/2009

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2009 Arnold Classic women’s prejudging. 2009 Arnold webcast. Powerlifting Arnold prep….training video from some of the participants. Official lineup for Clash of the Titans 2. Body transformation…Josh Bernier goes from scrawny to ripped. New book coming out: Generation S…Tales for a Steroid Culture. Flex magazine staff makes Arnold predictions. What Jay Cutler has been up to in 2009. Darryl Strawberry, “Hell yeah, I would have used them.” Interview with Dave Draper. John Romine, pushing to be a pro bodybuilder. Abby Trevino, 97 pound powerlifter, heads for regionals. Steroids a cut and dry issue? Getting a good workout at home. The Cohens, a family of weightlifters. 

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