MRI Performance Supplement Reviews

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MRI Performance Supplement Reviews

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“Products For The Health Conscious, Performance Athletes & Fitness Enthusiasts”

Founded by Ed Byrd in 1996, Medical Research Institute (MRI) is a privately held commercial enterprise that develops and markets proprietary and novel products for the health conscious, high performance athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. MRI prides itself in its proven ability to research and develop innovative natural supplements with cutting edge controlled released technology. MRI owns an elite portfolio of products that make it the recognized leader in nutraceutical science.

MRI sells NO2, the first and only oral dietary supplement that combines the advantages of controlled release technology with modulation of nitric oxide. MRI is also the holder of 3 U.S. patents for its Glucotize supplement, the first and only controlled release alpha lipoic acid. MRI’s headquarters are located in San Francisco, CA.

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