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Mr. Olympia Series: The Top 5 Dorian Yates Videos from Youtube

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Dorian Yates is unarguably one of the most popular Mr. Olympia winners in the history of the contest. He looked like a monster compared to his predecessor, Lee Haney. His sheer muscle thickness changed bodybuilding, for better or for worse.

The following videos are some of the most popular Dorian Yates videos on Youtube.

Best of Dorian Yates. Featuring a kick ass sound track, the Best of Dorian Yates splices together photos and video into 3:36 of pure inspiration. Video highlights include training footage, and scenes from the Mr. Olympia.

Dorian Yates Training Marika Johansson. This video is a trailer for Marika Johansson’s DVD, Cinderella Story. Set to a pounding and rattling industrial music soundtrack, the video gives us glimpses of Dorian Yates as he assists Marika with training and posing.

Dorian Yates Weightlifting Video. If Tool thumping in the background doesn’t get your blood flowing, the footage in this video will. Lots of dungeon training footage, ending with an incline dumbbell flye scene that will leave you hungry to hit the gym.

Dorian Yates and Lou Ferrigno. Both Dorian and Big Lou hit the posing stage in this video, but it’s not at a competition. Shot with a hand held cam, we get a quality, and fun glimpse at both bodybuilders and they pump out poses to a cheering crowd.

Dorian Yates 1992 Mr. Olympia. Footage from ESPN’s 1992 Mr. Olympia coverage. Dorian’s rise in the sport is featured. Dorian also speaks about the sport of bodybuilding, and what it means to him.

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