Military Press

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For this exercise you can either start with the barbell on the floor or in a rack. If starting from the floor, set up with feet at shoulder width, grip the bar at shoulder width or a little wider with an overhand grip (palms down), and with a straight back pick the barbell up off the floor and bring it to your shoulders. If starting from a rack, simply approach the rack with the barbell set at just below shoulder height, grip the bar with a shoulder-width grip, and un-rack the barbell. From here, press the weight straight up to lockout. When your arms are fully extended upwards, you should aim to have the barbell directly in line with the back of your neck. This will mean that while the barbell is at your shoulders, you are leaning slightly back and as your press, once the barbell clears your head, you return to a straight up position and bring your head under the barbell. Lower weight back to the shoulders and repeat.

Military Press Exercise Information
Muscle Group: Shoulders
Secondary Muscles: Triceps and Traps
Movement Group: Compound Exercise
Required Equipment: Barbell

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