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Met-Rx Meal Replacement by MET-RX


meal replacementMET-Rx has bettered our Original Meal Replacement Formula by getting rid of Hydrogenated Fats and Aspartame! With the new and improved MET-Rx® Meal Replacement, we’ve upgraded the original formula to take out everything you didn’t want while leaving the great taste, as well as, the proprietary METAMYOSYN® protein blend.

MET-RX Meal Replacement Highlights:

  • Void of hydrogenated oils, which means no trans-fats!
  • 38 grams of the proprietary METAMYOSYN® protein blend to help build lean muscle.
  • Low fat to support a lean, healthy body.
  • 17 grams of carbohydrates to support muscle glycogen needs as well as energy levels while at rest and during exercise.
  • 25 Essential Vitamins & Minerals, with 110% DV Calcium to support your body’s nutritional requirements.
  • Aspartame Free, No added sugar, Gluten Free.
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