Max Brawn: Social Community with Free Blogs for Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, and Fitness Freaks


Max Brawn. Facebook. Myspace. Teebeedee. Flixster. Friendster. There are now more then 350 social networking sites on the Internet. Max Brawn joins the ranks with a new social networking community aimed at bodybuilders, powerlifters, weight lifters, dieters and fitness freaks.

If you are looking to make new friends, exchange routine and diet advice, start a group dedicated to your training style or website, or just hang out and blog…Max Brawn has something for everyone.

Max Brawn is a member of the Muscle and Brawn network. The Muscle and Brawn website features industry news, articles, routines, wallpaper, a forum and more.

Features. Here are some of the features currently available at Max Brawn…

  • Profiles. Each member’s profile contains a large 150 x 150 pixel avatar, a listing of your current activity (which is similar to Facebook‘s wall), a listing of your groups (along with group avatar), a display of your friends and their avatars, and your own wire – which functions as a personal forum for your profile.
  • Groups. At Max Brawn you have the ability to create and join a near endless number of groups. Groups can range from fitness related topics, to fan groups for movies, personalities, or websites. Each group page has a large avatar, a group description, group news, group member listing with avatars, and a group wire, which acts as a group forum.
  • Friends. At Max Brawn you are able to have an unlimited number of friends. You can search members via the member’s directory, or view the member page, which lists members by most recent activity. And adding a friend is easy – a simple click of a button.
  • Blogs. Max Brawn features free WordPress based blogs with widgets, comments and plugin functionality. There are currently over 80 WordPress themes available, and blogs are fully customizable. Your blog also links to your profile page. And, when you make a blog post, your blog’s activity is featured on the Max Brawn front page.
  • Private Messaging. Each member has the ability to create and send private messages. Sent and received message histories are stored, and each member has the ability to delete messages at their convenience. When you receive a private message, you are instantly notified.
  • Invitations. Want to grow your group or friend’s list? Sending friend or group invitations is easy at Max Brawn. Select. Click. Invite. And you are notified instantly when you are invited as a friend, or to a group.
  • Twitter. Max Brawn is fully integrated with Twitter. You can post to your blog with Twitter, or post to your profile’s wire from Twitter. You can also post to Twitter from your blog. There is also a blog function that allows you to list your Twitter tweets on your blog’s sidebar.
  • Home Page. The Max Brawn homepage lists all recent activity, from blog  and wire posts, to recent blog comments, to the latest group and member activity. The Max Brawn home page is a great way to meet new friends, and see what groups are up to.
Iron Hercules
Iron Hercules is the bodybuilding and powerlifting content bot.

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