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What got you started in Bodybuilding in the first place and did you have any aspirations of competing early on you training? I just started training at home after seeing guy’s like Arnold and Stallonewhose physiques I admired and thought I like to look like that. When I startedtraining at a local gym after a year people in the gym said you got a good physique and you should compete. I declined because I felt I didn’t want to compete I was just doing it for my self. Then later in the year the owner of the gym said I am putting up a competition later in the year and I want you to compete. I decided to do it and I won 18 n under and also 21 and under. I enjoyed it so much I never looked back since then.

Have you got any particular shows you have your sights set on this year? 2007 British Championships.

What’s been your secret to making continual improvements to your physique over the years? Consistency, Consistency and let me think Consistency.

How much nutrition and supplementation contributed to your success? Nutrition contributes 25% and the other 25% solid food and the rest 50% is hard work in the gym.

What’s your motivation when faced with gruelling workout? The bad mouthing people say about me and dont even know me.

Has Bodybuilding always been your main sporting interest? Nope I used to go boxing but I got bored and stuck to weights.

Do you have any interests outside of the gym? I like going to the picture, restaurants, clubbing every so often and girls, girls and let me think girls.

What do you do for a living? Currently working for the Employment Service and Personal Training.

What do you like to do to relax? Sleep.

Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions? Yes loads too many to list, talk about that another time.

When you finally hang up your posing trunks, will you always be actively involved in bodybuilding in one way or another? I hope so, I’d like to run my own show.

Do you do any personal training or have you helped others to prepare for shows? I do personal training, if genuine people want help I will help them.

Do you prefer to train with partner or train alone? Any I am not bothered really the advantage with a training partner is the safety factor.

When competing at the level you do, you no doubt benefit from help and support of others is there anyone you would particularly like to extend your thanks to? I like to thank Nas from Meat center in Derby for being a good friend and helping me with my diet, AllStars Nutrition, Clive at Body Active for supporting me from the beginning, Mick Quirk from Quirks Gym Sheffield and also Dorian Yates I.F.B.B pro and 6 times Mr Olympia for helping me with my training. My training partner PJ (His website www. and not to forget my family putting up with me.

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