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Liquid Clenbutrx Hardcore by VPX


liquid clenbutrxLiquid Clenbutrx Hardcore Is Designed For:

  • Mind-Blowing Fat Loss!
  • Crisp Water-Free Muscle Separation!
  • Crystal Clear Mental Focus & Energy!
  • Dispensing Device Allows Precise Dosing!
  • Serum Based Works Fast / Hits Hard!
  • Body Blazing Thermogenisis!

VPX CLENBUTRX, with E & Z GUGULSTERONES, is an engineered matrix of synergistic phytochemicals designed to aggressively attack fat from a multitude of metabolic pathways. While other fat loss supplements merely work from one dimension, CLENBUTRX aggressively attacks fat through five independent yet pharmacodynamically synergistic angles. CLENBUTRX’s revolutionary approach to fat loss encompasses Thermogenic, Nuerogenic, Thyrogenic, Insulinogenic and Anti-Estrogenic pharmacodynamics.

The newly trademarked YACES stack – the Thermogenic component of CLENBUTERX – stands for Yohimbine, Aspirin, Caffeine, Ephedrine and Synephrine. These nutrients are so potent that when extracted from their respective herbs they all are classified as drugs. The phytochemical synephrine is the nutrient that VPX added to the highly effective ECA stack to increase thermogenisis without causing additional stimulant-induced jitteryness. YOHIMBE was the final component integrated into the stack because of its ability to activate the powerful liposucking alpha-receptors, strategically located in the gluteofemoral (butt and thighs) region of the body. This crucial discovery was a monumental advancement designed to specifically target lower body fat-loss. How many times have you seen women and men competitors whose upper body was shredded but whose fat and water retaining lower body lost the show? Consequently, with the addition of yohimbine and synephrine, the YACES stack is the most potent thermogenic phytochemical formula available. However, there are many other aspects involved in getting lean than just thermogenics. To compensate for the negative brain chemical feedback loop that occurs during carbohydrate restrictive diets, 475 mgs. of Tyrosine was the nuerogenic nutrient utilized to keep serotonin levels elevated during low-carb dieting phases. Lack of the brain chemical serotonin causes lethargy, depression and cravings for sugar. In addition to low serotonin levels, carbohydrate restrictive diets are also responsible for the shutdown of the powerful fat burning and metabolism boosting hormones T-4 and T-3.

This scientific revelation was huge because metabolic shutdown in response to dieting, carbohydrate restriction and/or prolonged use of thermogenics, steroids and/or growth hormone all short-circuit thyroid hormone production and conversion. This negative feedback loop prevents YOU not only from losing body fat, but will also result in the accumulation of new fat. Research unlocked an amazing auyvedic medicine called gugulsterone that actually reverses the shutdown of T-4 and its conversion to T-3. We discovered that the commercial grade gugulsterones standardized at 2.5% were only marginally effective in their ability to enhance this conversion. However, CLENBUTRX uses the 400% more potent, 10% standardized, E and Z Gugulsterones along with the nutrient iodine to exert a mind blowing impact on T-4’s natural conversion to T-3. This resulted in a new method of destroying adipose (fat) tissue that VPX scientists coined: “Thyrogenics”. Refined carbs, especially sugars, make you fat because they cause elevated levels of the fat storage hormone insulin. This endocrine related nuance to getting ripped was tackled with three powerful insulinogenic compounds that aid the body in utilizing insulin more efficiently and also by lowering the body’s levels of this fat promoting hormone.

Finally, a drug-like fat loss catalyst wouldn’t be complete without addressing the problem of the female hormone estrogen. Because this is the hormone that makes women (AND MEN) store extra body fat and retain water, a truly revolutionizing fat burning product has to eliminate this obstacle to getting lean. High estrogen levels directly correlate with high body fat levels and low muscle building/fat burning testosterone levels. A unique new anti-estrogenic compound called 7 ISOPROPOXYISOFLAVONE cripples the influence of your body’s natural estrogen by preventing it from attaching to estrogen receptor cites. Estrogen is, consequently, rendered useless and can no longer exert its negative side effects regarding increased fat storage and water retention. This nutrient is used as a drug in Europe to increase bone density, prevent osteoporosis and build muscle. The science is intense; the outcome is simple:


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