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Lee Lebrada’s Training Routine

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Lee Labrada’s Training Routine. Lee Labrada swears by a 2 on, 1 off training routine. Here is Lee’s favorite split…

Day A – Chest, Tris, Shoulder
Day B – Bis, Back
Day C – Rest (or light cardio and abs)
Day D – Legs
Day E – Chest, Tris, Shoulders
Day F – Rest (or light cardio and abs)

Repeat cycle

Lee Labrada performs 4 to 5 exercises per bodypart.

Lee also states that he started packing on mass when he began incorporating some of Mike Mentzer’s training principles into his routine:

When I finally started growing was when I stumbled across some of the Mike Mentzer high-intensity training articles and I adapted some of his high-intensity principles into my own training. I never did the 1-3 sets per bodypart type regimens that he advocated which was a bit extreme. Especially in those days when we were doing 20 sets per bodypart. Instead, I settled on a system that I found to be very good. Six to eight sets for smaller bodyparts like arms and then for the larger bodyparts, 10-12 sets, maybe even 15 sets for back. Basically, going to failure on each set with as much weight as I could. I really started growing at that point.

Lee Labrada’s blog.

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