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LBA Pro by All American EFX


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LBA Pro AAEFX“I absolutely believe the LBA’s are one of the main reasons I was able to pack on the mass fast, at my age, and drug-free. I’m proof there is no other amino supplement like this one on the market.”

Flex Wheeler – IFBB Legend and “Born-Again” Natural Freak™

Everyone hardcore bodybuilder or athlete knows that protein is one of THE most anabolic substances on the planet. Problem is way too many set themselves up for major disappointment by using inferior, ultra cheap protein sources. You might be fooled into thinking you’re getting a great “deal”…but your body isn’t! So why risk it?

LBA PRO is the protein/amino choice for anyone who wants to bring the big gains and not leave anything to chance. And with new Prota-Lyn® EHP rounding out this awesome formula, it’s seriously off the hook!

It’s critical that you keep a steady stream of amino acids flowing into your bloodstream to feed hungry muscle cells.

In fact, you MUST guarantee that more is going in… than out! It what’s known as your “Nitrogen Balance”. Just like your bank account, if more money drains out than comes in… you’re gonna end up flat broke!

It’s the same for building muscle. A negative nitrogen balance means your metabolic “bank account” is in the red. And this catabolic state just won’t cut it. To put it another way, you’re either building muscle or letting it get destroyed!

And that’s exactly where LBA PRO™ comes in.

Here’s the deal: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to jam gram after gram of protein down your throat to maintain a positive nitrogen balance.

You see, if you want rapid gains in muscle and strength, then you must understand it’s not the quantity of protein you ingest; it’s the quality. End of story!

LBA PRO™ is Cholesterol-Free and made from top-shelf, USDA beef. NOT cheap hydrolyzed gelatins, fillers or any other worthless sources.

By using a selective process to extract only the highest quality amino acids, LBA PRO™ is an amino acid source that’s quickly digested and absorbed into the bloodstream and muscle cells because of it smaller particle size.

We’ve also introduced Prota-Lyn® EHP to the formula. It’s a patent-pending “Enzymatic Hybrid Protein” that kicks the amino profile of LBA PRO™ to a whole new level! By combining amino acids from both sources, the synergistic effect is one of the purest, fastest- acting protein sources known to man; all based on our advanced pH-Xact™ liquid delivery technology.

That’s right… just slam 3 “shots” of LBA PRO™ in between meals. Those high-powered aminos will rocket to your muscle cells thanks to our Dextro-Cyclodized™ and pH-Xact™ delivery technologies powered by our PLPD™ system. We are the industry leaders in liquid delivery technology for a reason!

You’ll literally be shocked to see what such a concentrated, nutrient-dense dose of LBA PRO™ will do for even the biggest, most muscular beasts among us.

Remember, it’s not how much you take, it’s how much you absorb!

1. Prota-Lyn® EHP: This “Enzymatic Hybrid Protein” is a new, all-natural protein compound engineered to provide even greater absorption and cellular growth support beyond using only beef-based amino acids, or even standard whey.

2. PLPD™: Pharmaceutical Liquid-Phase Delivery is specifically designed for speed of nutrient transport. This technology is based heavily on the delivery systems commonly used in many over-the- counter and prescription medications. After careful study of these transport methods, Jeff Golini (Executive Scientist at All American Pharmaceutical) developed a proprietary version now used exclusively by All American EFX for most of our liquid-based supplements.

From a scientific standpoint, liquids can provide a quicker, more efficient means to deliver active ingredients to your system at full strength. By removing the need to disintegrate a capsule or tablet, target compounds are more readily available for absorption into the bloodstream. For these reasons, most cold and flu medications typically utilize liquid delivery systems.

Overall, our exclusive PLPD™ technology represents a more effective and efficient way to elevate the overall effects of our most advanced liquid-based formulas, such as Cell Rush.

3. pH-Xact™ Delivery Technology: Ensures optimal bio-availability of our formulas by giving them the precise pH levels necessary to rapidly shuttle nutrients to the bloodstream with maximum potency. Remember, it’s not how much you take, it‘s how much you absorb!

4. Dextro-Cyclodized™: A Dextro-Cyclodized™ material is one that has been specifically modified using our proprietary pharmaceutical-level delivery technology to increase its ability to penetrate body tissues and release its biologically active compounds under specific conditions.

WARNING: This process is extremely complex, requiring specialized equipment, educated personnel, time, and a substantial investment. In fact, just the investment required alone is the main reason why most companies would not even attempt to utilize this technology. So can anyone do this? In a word: No!

Beyond the added cost, most companies do not have the technology, staff or equipment to employ this technology properly. Some have tried to develop similar delivery systems in the past. However, they did nothing more than blend a chosen compound with a cycloamylose-like material. Obviously, this will NOT work. Our process is not only proprietary; it is exclusive to All American EFX.

So when you start seeing products appear that claim to be exactly like ours, with the “same” delivery technology, but much cheaper, you‘ll know they are nothing more than cheap knockoffs.

5. Buchi Analytical: This seal is our product testing guarantee. Look for it on our full range of AAEFX physique and performance products. You deserve to have complete confidence that our products are 100% legit.

6. BioCeuticals Research & Development: An independent lab fully screens our products for 16 banned substances down to parts per billion…and some down to parts per trillion!

For Best Results:

  • Take 1 tbsp 3 times daily, preferably between meals.
  • On Heavy Training Days…Take 1 tbsp 30-60 minutes before breakfast, pre-training meal, post-training meal, and final meal.
  • Roll up your sleeves and take your friends to the “Gun Show” you Natural Freak™!

Once again All American EFX® has succeeded in setting the new industry standard in non-drug performance enhancement and for boosting work-out energy, intensity and strength with this breakthrough nutrient development!

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