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Shock! Kai Greene is Banned From 2015 Mr. Olympia Competition

Kai Greene is banned
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In a shocking turn of events, perpetual Mr. Olympia runner-up Kai Greene has been banned from competing in the 2015 Mr. Olympia. Sources claim he also banned from attending the Olympia Expo.

Kai Greene announced he was forming a new supplement company: Dynamik. He requested a free 20×20 booth at the 2015 Mr. Olympia Expo and was denied. Sources state that the Expo demanded payment. A standoff took place, things escalated and the result? Kai Greene was banned from competing in the 2015 Mr. Olympia competition.

Aaron Singerman from Blackstone Labs has stated that this rumor is false, and that Kai Greene did in fact make every attempt to pay for a booth. His request was flat out denied.

On Facebook, Joe Donnelly stated: “So one of the IFBB’s most beloved bodybuilders @officialkaigreene is not being allowed to compete due to some sort of contractual issue with American Media (AMI) which owns flex mag. It’s pretty pathetic how politics are crushing a dying sport and preventing the fan favorite from giving the fans what they love.”

Things have become so heated that Phil Heath has deleted his Instagram account.

Watch the entire video here:

Reactions on Kai Greene Ban from Marc Lobliner and Chris Jones

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