Is it Possible to Get as Big as a Steroid User?


Is it possible to get as big as a steroid user? Many on bodybuilding forums believe so. In fact, if you state the opposite, prepare to be attacked.

My article on natural bodybuilding potential is based on Casey Butt’s study. The article lays out an exact weight that you can expect to achieve, if you work your ass off.

These numbers are highly scientific, yet naive natural lifters believe they can push past the numbers; they believe limits are a joke. They believe they can crush the best natural bodybuilders in history.

Casey Butt said it best

Poor Reg Park, poor Steve Reeves, poor Jon Harris, poor Tony Montalbano, poor Layne Norton, poor Jim Cordova – they must have been taking huge doses of estrogen, if only they’d stop limiting their potential so much.¬† All of those top champs’ weights and measurements are described by the equations (particularly in the e-book), yet some guy hiding behind a false name and a fake avatar and with apparently no education in endocrinology whatsoever claims they aren’t living up to their potential? The genetically elite of the bodybuilding world have too much estrogen?

What Casey is saying here is obvious…if you think you can push past the projected natural limits in the above articles, you are saying that you can (naturally) make Reg Park and Steve Reeves’ physiques look like a joke.

I responded in this post at T-Nation by saying…

Everyone says it’s possible, but no one can find proof. And the guys that do say their “legs are bigger’ then predicted have 20% bodyfat and/or are not using the formula correctly.

My arms are bigger then the prediction at the moment, but I also have 25%+ bodyfat as well.

I know this has been beaten do death but Arnold was 6’2″, 235, and his bodyfat wasn’t 4-6% like the current competitors, or whatever crazy amount they have.

Arnold 6’2″ 235 …8% bodyfat
Franco 5’5” 185 …8% bodyfat

If you split that difference between these 2 muscular steroid users, you get (about)…

Average Joe…5’10” 210 …8% bodyfat.

Here is a comparison between my natural predictions (roughly) and the stats of an uber bodybuilder somewhere between Arnold and Franco…

Mick Madden
178 Pounds Lean Muscle
Weight: 240
Maximum natural potential is around 180-181, so I could still gain a few pounds.

Average Steroid Joe
210 pounds
8% bodyfat
193.2 Pounds Lean Muscle

What does this tell us?

That a steroid user from the Arnold/Franco era only had about 15 pounds of lean muscle on a natural champion. IF it is possible to surpass natural limits, then it is being stated that…

It’s possible to become Arnold/Franco-esque WITHOUT steroids.

I can’t believe people buy into this this.

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