Irvin Zabo Koszewski Dead at the Age of 84

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Irvin “Zabo” Koszewski, one of the original Muscle Beach lifters, has passed away at the age of 84. In 2007, Zabo was inducted into the Joe Weider Hall of Fame.  He was a veteran of over 20 bodybuilding contests, including numerous first place finishes.

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ZABO—How many times i have thought of him over the years. He and Armand Tanny were great influences in my early life although i didn’t realize how much of an influence! i am now 74 years old, in great shape, still work out three times a week, play 18 holes of golf twice or three times per week and am enjoying the remainder of my life. Along the road of life you meet some people who really influence you. Oh, how i’d like to hear once again the greeting when i came into the gym at vic tannys santa monica dungeon “whats it all mean – jelly bean” or how you doin “you rat bastards”
why didn’t i return to say hello (i left muscle beach and santa monica when i was 20 years old and never came back -as my life and school came next. graduated from college, taught for a short while and then went into a successful sales career as well as a business ownership. got married, had 4 children, etc….but i’ve often thought of all those days at the beach and at tannys and how much fun that era had been. Now its all gone, and all these great guys are gone, and pretty soon (not too soon i hope) i will be gone. PEANUTS, HAROLD EINSTEIN (my training partners in the 50’s at Tannys, Zabo who i saw almost every day at the gym doing those endless situps on the roman chair…and those great weekeds at Muscle Beach! it was so innocent and a lot of fun…and girls at the each, wow!–what a fun weekend every week at the beach. It’s all gone now! The so called muscle beach venice is a farce -nothing like the original santa monica muscle beach. we had adagio, gymnastics, and those original food stands -all owned by individuals that really cared! All part of a scene that does not exist anymore…and the deaths of GORDON MITCHELL, JOE GOLD, now ZABO and Armand Tanny just about does it. ITS SAD….SO SAD THAT IT HAD TO END…BUT EVERYTHING ENDS!

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