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Interview With Female Muscle Giant Lori Braun

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Lori Braun is many things, but first and foremost she is the reigning queen of female muscle. Lori’s websites include Female Muscle, a power house female bodybuilding site, Athletic Tube, an upstart video sharing site focusing on the female figure, and of course the Lori Braun Blog.

Some call Lori eccentric, some call her wildly creative, but no one calls her dull. And if you don’t believe me, see for yourself. She can be found dancing on a bed or flexing in the shower on Youtube.

The following interview was provided to Muscle and Braun by Lori Braun for your entertainment purposes. Enjoy.

Downtownkate is interviewing Lori Braun.

DK: Did you jump on your bed when you were a kid?
LB: Always! Like a maniac with my brother we jumped from bed to bed singing Beatles songs.

DK: Were your parents hippies?
LB: Yes. But not dirty hippies. More like 60’s intellectuals.


DK: They didn’t name you and your brother Sunshine and Wheat grass?
LB: No. They liked the Beatles, not Elvis. That’s how I separated everyone. It was how I could tell them apart.

DK: Do you think of yourself as a free spirit?
LB: Yes. But I try not to let it take me to strange and dangerous places.

DK: When you were a kid, who was your hero?
LB: Jeannie From “I Dream Of Jeannie.” I worshiped her. She was powerful, and she controlled men.

DK: She was funny too.
LB: Yes, and a strong women who always stood up for whatever she believed in and got what she wanted without hurting anyone. She was also the first person on TV to have her bellybutton showing. Then they made her cover it up.

DK: Now who would be your hero?
LB: Tina Turner. And Hillary Clinton because she is a strong woman. Not to say she used her husband, but she “used” her husband. She turned out to be pretty cool. She raised her daughter well. When asked which of her parents would be a better president, Chelsea answered,”My mother.” I also like Mae West (another strong sexual woman) and Georgia O’Keeffe.

DK: If someone were to play you in a movie, who would it be?
LB: Eddie Munster, no, just kidding. Melissa Tomlei. She has that tough chick side for sure.

DK: I can see Jennifer Aniston. What do you think of that? She has a great body and she is a little off center.
LB: Yes. I like her.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

DK: What is your favorite thing to eat?
LB: I love watermelon, olives, sour pickles and chocolate, good chocolate.

DK: You have told me that one of your favorite books is “The Bell Jar”.
LB: Not my only favorite. I should also mention “Five People you Meet In Heaven” by Mitch Albom.

DK: Books from childhood?
LB: “Where The Wild Things Are” and “The Poky Little Puppy.” And I had another favorite book, what is it? “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” and”The Five Chinese Brothers.”

DK: Any favorite fairy tails?
LB: I liked Dumbo.
DK: Girl, that ain’t no fairy tail.

DK: Have you ever cut your own hair?
LB: Yes, and all the kids in the neighborhood. Definitely messed them up real bad. Definitely scissor happy. I have many sharp scissors at home. I never know when I’ll have to cut hair.

DK: I imagine you are a good swimmer.
LB: I can swim but I’m afraid of sharks. The movie “Jaws” ruined it for me.

DK: Have you always loved the critters?
LB: Always. I tried saving boxes full. The most we ever had was seven cats. They all climbed the Christmas tree at the same time- took it down. When my parents got divorced they were more inclined to let me have pets. My dad was big on gerbils and iguanas. I love snakes but I hate spiders. But I would never kill anything not even a cockroach unless it were crossing my eye while I was sleeping. I believe any animal could have been a family member, even an ant.

DK: Do you think you would be a cat if you were a critter?
LB: I think a tiger. A bigger cat.

DK:  Let’s talk about men. When you were a young girl, did you ever dress up as bride?
LB: Not a chance in hell. I don’t want to be like regular people. Don’t write about that. I don’t want to insult the married people.
I never fit in. I felt like a misfit toy.

DK: From Rudolf?
LB: (Lori starts to sing) Why am I such a misfit……..

[Downtownkate and Lori crack up.]

DK: So traditional you were not.
LB: Never wore a dress. Wore some tough outfits even as a kid. I was yelling and screaming and running at a very early age. I got into a lot of fights when I was growing up.

DK: Did you grow up in a tough neighborhood?
LB: At times it was. It was just the way I resolved things. That’s why I have a lot of scars on my hands. Once some girl at a concert maced me and I destroyed her. I scalped her.

DK: Oh my.
LB: I still have the hair. It is in a drawer. I never like hitting girls unless they really need it. If they are in my face.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

DK: If you could be doing anything else what would it be?
LB: Not a fantasy, like rock star?

DK: Sure, why not?
LB: Well, I would like to work with orphan children but not on a medical level.

DK: Did you have a teacher who was an influence?
LB: I did. Her name was Mrs. Scotto. I had dyslexia and A.D.D. and she saw I was smart. I was in fourth grade and she handled me with kindness.

DK: Anything irk you about being a woman?
LB: I’m irked at having to look pretty. It sucks having to wear makeup. It would be great to rip my shirt off at the beach and not have people stare.

DK: What got you started as a bodybuilder?
LB: When I was a little kid I was naturally stronger than others and genetically more muscular. I admired the women on the TV show “Solid Gold” with their amazing legs, small waists, and big backs. Then in college I started taking a jazz dance class. There was one women in class who looked like she could have been a “Solid Gold dancer”. I was more interested in the way she looked than how she danced.

DK: You started lifting weights?
LB: Yes. I grew up in an all male house and there were always weights around. My boobs grew pretty large. I wasn’t too happy about that. My brother got me two twenty pound weights. Lifting reduced the size of my boobs. Then I was looking through muscle mags and saw Cory Everson. I’ve always been drawn to women with big legs. I like to be strong for self protection. Needed the strong edge.

DK: Have you ever competed?
LB: Local shows in Florida. But my thing was behind the scene.  I was not the kind who wanted to be on stage. I felt that I would be better at promoting others. That was my gut instinct.

DK: Do you find that your weight fluctuates?
LB: Yes. About ten pounds either way. All women have body image problems.

DK: Are you happy with the way you look?
LB: Never. I’m never satisfied. If I’m ripped and lean then I want more size. Then when I have bulk I want to be cut.

DK: How often do you work out?
LB:  Four times a week. I bike ride once or twice a week.

DK: Do you dread going to the gym?
LB: Love, love it. I think about my workout routine the night before. A good gym is very helpful for staying motivated.

DK: When you are in training mode, how is your life different?
LB: I’m always in training mode.  I am not training in accordance with a bodybuilding show schedule.  I stay training 12 months a year.

DK: What tips would you give bodybuilders who are starting out?
LB: Bodybuilding is a lifelong commitment. Be consistent and start off slowly so that you don’t injure yourself. Its a wonderful sport but keep your day job. Don’t expect it to pay your bills. Always train with someone who is better than you. Choose someone whose body you like. Also, stay away from dairy and buy Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding.

DK: What traits do you look for in a man?
LB: Somebody who is highly intelligent, funny, kind, affectionate , and generous. I like them honest, athletic, with a boyish charm.

DK: And friends? What do you look for in a friend?
LB: Loyalty. Someone I can do the Bonnie and Clyde thing with. Partners in crime.

DK: Are men intimidated by you?
LB: Yes, sometimes. Guys who like me are motorcycle guys. Also firemen and cops. Blue collar men have to be strong to do their jobs. Men steer clear of me in the gym. I don’t look friendly in the gym.

DK: Do you identify with any character in literature? I know you’ll say Bambi.
LB: Thumper!
DK: You did not disappoint me.

(Lori and Downtownkate crack up.)
DK: If you could say what Lori is about in one sentence,what would it be?
LB: I’m a very philosophical person. I think about sex, death and money often, not in that order always.

DK: One sentence.
LB: Stay strong women!

Steve Shaw
Steve Shaw is the primary content manager for Muscle and Brawn. Questions? Please visit the forum.
  • Petsitter Aug 2,2015 at 1:19 pm

    I have been the owner of a Pet Sitting Service since 1996 in the state of Florida. I am filing a defamation of character report on Lori Braun. She is accusing me of false information, stating that I had gotten angry after she had contacted the references I provided, and that I was a rip off. I did cancel her before her trip began, yes… due to the fact that 2 of my client references warned me not to take her as a client. they felt she was not stable and very paranoid, and that I should reconsider taking the job. She rescheduled our first meeting 3 times, due to some emergency… only then to schedule meeting when it was convenient for her. I offered several different times to meet, none of those met her availability. I have never had one complaint in 19 years of service. My clients were only trying to protect me by warning me to not take her as a client, even if it meant cancelling her prior to trip. I felt my reputation was a stake either way. I chose to cancel because I didn’t trust her.

  • vinny Aug 29,2011 at 7:56 am

    hi lori braun my name is vinny i have been trying to contact you i have a new email so i wonder if you was trying to contact me i like your photos on your web site i like you to contact me at my email and tell me about your diets and your daily workouts hope to hear from you. my email is

  • Lori Braun Jan 7,2011 at 5:43 am

    Thank you to my viewers and fans. Without you, would not exist. I love what I do. I am an all natural bodybuilder and have been since I was 22 years old training at Pumping Iron Gym in NYC. I have been promoting female bodybuilders and athletes since the Internet began and even before when I was a personal trainer to many wealthy people and celebrities in Manhattan.

    If you do not like the way I do my job, that is your decision. I am a major player in the industry because I work very hard. I also help support many of the women in the business. I do not call the men who adore muscular woman derogatory terms. I love that they appreciate strong women just as I do and I am elated to see muscular women being more accepted in the main stream. Still not enough. The idea here it to stay positive and help each other rather then be cruel and negative toward each other. That has never worked in the past, why would it work now. I am a business woman. That is what I do best and enjoy it immensely. I am a sincere and kind person who loves to laugh at myself because taking myself too seriously would be boring.


  • Lambasted Dec 24,2010 at 1:55 am

    I’ve come across LB on the Net for some time now. Basically, she’s an entrepreneur who promotes herself as product. The main thing that always struck me about LB was the “phoniness”– She is NO bodybuilder and looks as if a simple 10 pushups are way beyond her. She does some effective C-teasing with a sultry voice on Youtube. But how this individual became an industry??? She ought to write a book (& most likely will).

  • vinni Nov 23,2010 at 8:24 am

    hi lori how are you doing i saw your photos and you look hot i like to hear from you contact me at i realy like to meet you to. call me at 445 2921 i am looking to talk to somebody like you.

  • Neill Jul 6,2010 at 7:15 pm

    DK: Are men intimidated by you?
    LB: Yes, sometimes. Men steer clear of me in the gym. I don’t look friendly in the gym.

    Ohhhhh Lori, c’mon, give it a break. I bet if anything, that deep down inside, that you are a great big, lovable, muscular sweetheart of a female body builder and woman instead. IF guys are intimidated, and steer clear of you, when in thr gym, then it is probably because their insecurity. I bet, that a lot of bodybuilding babes like you, are a lot of fun to be around, instead of being intimidated by you. If ANYONE, is intimidated by you, then it is woman of your own sex, such as Lisa, who made such rash comments about you. All because she cannot have what you have got. Also, I have seen some pretty hot and sexay looking muscular body builder babes. Ya, you gals DO look great in muscle, like YUMMY, MUMMY, bring it on baby, the more the merrier.

    All the best of success with your career as a female body builder, Lori.

    • Anon Jul 6,2010 at 7:47 pm

      In person she smiles nice, treats you nice, but is selfish. She is quick to toss aside people if they don’t serve her. Lori is all about Lori, and calls everyone who uses her services Schmoes.

  • Lisa Feb 21,2010 at 10:31 am

    Lori is a joke. She doesn’t do anything good for the sport of women’s bodybuilding except cater to the men who have a fetish for muscular women.

    Lori’s website is basically spam. She’s good at scouring the internet looking for legit websites to steal their content and repost it.

    If Lori was a serious “player” and truely interested in supporting the sport, she would sponsor a competition or the competitors involved in it other than trying to get girls to participate in her female muscle phone sex line.

    If you are a female muscle/bodybuilding competitor, stay far, far away from this woman.

  • Erika Jun 11,2009 at 6:34 pm

    jajajajaja loved it!stay strong women 😀

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