iForce Maximize V2 Supplement Review

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Let’s be honest, most sequels suck. It’s a problem of expectations: people expect every sequel to be better than the original, and when the original was good, it’s usually not practicable. And the original, with it’s lack of proprietary blends, was good — game-changing, write-home-to-mom good.

Then, it left. Quite suddenly, and without much explanation, it was being “reformulated.” I was distraught. After Maximize, the other pre-workouts were afterthoughts (except this one, but that’s a post for a different day).

For months  I languished in the doldrums of NO-Xplodes, SuperPump250s and White Floods; wallowed in the mundanities of NO Shotguns and Hemo Rages; and weathered the lassitude bestowed by NaNO Vapors, Dark Rages, and Xpand Xtreme Pumps. Even Jack3d, once a personal favorite, couldn’t fill the gaping void Maximize left in my pre-workout life. I was without, and it was awful: there was no magic tub to open and scoop into a shaker bottle while knowing categorically an amazing workout was to follow. Then came Maximize V2, and thus, my love affair began anew.

What’s Different?

I’ve been beating my drum about how BCAAs/glutamine are redundant, how you don’t need novel forms of creatine and how arginine is a scam: they’re all gone. I feel validated and I kind of like these iFORCE guys.

Additions to the product include agmatine, beta-alanine, and creatine monohydrate. You can read about agmatine here, and lack of beta-alanine, according to this video, was the biggest oversight in original iForce Maximize. The doses of the retained ingredients went up, the servings per bottle went up as well, and the price of the product went down.

There is one flaw I cannot leave unaddressed, Maximize V2 regressed into a proprietary blend product. This isn’t a flaw in effectiveness, however, and is really only an objection in the moral sense on my part. The formula got simpler and the dosages went up, so the usual reason for using a proprietary blend — hiding the fact that your product sucks behind way too many ingredients — isn’t being employed.

As with the original, V2 is only available in one flavor, raspberry lemonade. I find the flavor to be slightly better than marginal, and I’ve heard mixed reviews from customers. It’s not unpalatable by any means; it’s kind of like a knock-off Country Time raspberry lemonade. I was also told a second flavor is in the works, tentatively named “jungle juice.”

One tiny little tidbit I neglected to mention, Maximize V2 packs a stimulant wallop of epic proportions. All hyperbole aside, it kicks hard. Like slap-in-the-face hard. Like battering-ram hard. Like caffeine + methyl synephrine + geranium synergism ecstasy hard.

So there you have it. If you liked the original, you’ll love this. If you didn’t like the original, you’ll love this. If you have a pulse and are fond of exercise, you’ll probably love this, too. Given the recent infatuation with the undead — à la Twilight and True Blood, among others — if you lack a pulse, but not necessarily enthusiasm for the gym, you’ll like it as well.

Tim Gritzman
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