Weight Training: I Like Dirt

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I like dirt! I like grime, sweat, spit, and bugs, and all the other nasty little things you find in my home gym. I like it all for one reason…the atmosphere it creates. Do you really think cavemen survived by attacking mammoths in a sterilized fitness center… HELL NO. I like all these things because it is primal; because I don’t care about sterilizing my equipment.

Let me put this another way. When I get done with a heavy deadlift do you think I’m really going to want to clean everything with a disinfectant? …. HELL NO. I like to see some dust and dirt fly when the weights hit the floor. I like to leave a pool of spit and blood under the bar. It all reminds me of where I came from.

If you find yourself constantly unmotivated to attack the next set with a heavier weight, maybe you need to take a step back. What kind of an atmosphere do you lift in? Is it hardcore? In order to progress past normal levels you have to attack the weights with a hardcore mind set, and that leads to a hardcore atmosphere and environment. You must be an iron warrior.

I’m often described by friends as primal. I like my meat bloody, and I carry a big stick. I have to destroy my opponent, in this case iron. Vin Diesel said “It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning.” Well I would much rather get it by a mile. Hell, I need that mile. Barely doesn’t cut it. If I barely make the new weight it’s a failure in my mind. I need to own it.

I can’t train in a “modern” “sterilized” “fitness center”. I would quit if that was my only option. Most of these places frown on intensity. Hell, they frown upon heavy weights. I wouldn’t make it through a day at Planet Fitness. Their lunk alarm would be sounding off so many times they would make me leave.

So I ask you …what does your gym look like? Is it shiny and sterilized, or dark and grungy? What type of music do they play? The shiny, clean places don’t deserve to be called a gym. They are the equivalent of a morgue for hardcore mind sets and intensity. Why do you think no one ever sets world records in these places? Hell, they don’t even get close. It’s not because they can’t. It’s because of all the little fitness nazis in their ear telling them it’s better to pump out with the nice chrome machine than it is to grab a heavy barbell and lift it.

Don’t let a place like this kill you. I welcome you brother to come back to a real gym. I challenge you to like dirt.

Mike Gossett
Mike Gossett is a classic physique enthusiast, and writes to help guide others onto the path of health and lifting. He believes in basic hard work for the best results, and lives what he preaches. Mike can be reached at:

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