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How To Make A Ghetto Foam Roller

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A while back I made myself a new foam roller out of drain pipe. I took some photos to make a “how-to” guide.

“Photo one shows everything that you will need:

– A length of drainage pipe (this one is around 1m long and 4″ diameter)
– A tape measure
– Saw
– Masking tape (to mark where to cut
– Half moon file
– Gaffer tape to cover once you’ve finished and stop it slipping

This will make two rollers so you can do what I did and sell the other one for enough money to cover my costs.

Stage one:

Measure halfway down the pipe and mark with the tape all of the way around. This will allow you to cut straight all of the way through.

Stage two:

Cut through and then file down the rough edges. (Getting your Dad to do this part is optional.)

Stage three:

You now have two equal length pieces of pipe, both with smooth ends and both ready for covering.

Stage four:

Cover the pipe in tape. Start at one end and do one full revolution of the pipe. Once you have done one revolution, start moving diagonally towards the other end of the pipe. Try to move across by half a tape width on each revolution. This will give you enough coverage that you won’t have bare pipe which will mean no slippage.

Stage five:

Here you have the finished article. I will finish this article with a quick warning though: using these pipes as rollers is NOT for the fainthearted. If you haven’t gone through at least one regular white foam roller and maybe a black one as well, this may well be too painful for you to endure rolling on which would kind of defeat the object.”


  1. I like a smaller roller like a golf ball muscle roller which i can bring with me easily to the gym. Anyone else have one?


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