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How to Lose Weight and Enjoy the Food You Love

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Television advertisers depend on it, fashion magazines editors include it on every page, and the media remind us with news stories. They all remind us that thinner is better and if you are overweight, it is your fault.  Every day we hear about a new pill that promises to take off hundreds of pounds without exercise.  We hear about the rising cost of health care if a person is overweight as well as the rising cost of a plane or bus ticket for the obese.  It is time for a change. The Spike Diet is different it does not blame you, it lets you eat what you want and I am proof that it works.

The Spike Diet is different, and I need to make this clear; it is not your fault for being overweight. In fact it’s our bodies that are designed to make us over-eat, store the extra calories as body fat and unfortunately they plan to keep the fat as long as possible in order to survive.  Once this became clear to me, I realized why all my past diets failed. There is no secret evil force keeping me overweight it’s just my body’s survival mechanism.  I knew the ultimate trick to burning fat was to reassure my body that I am not in the middle of a famine, but in fact there is plenty of food around and it can go back to business as usual.

The Spike Diet makes it possible to enjoy food and still lose weight. I speak from experience.  I struggled with obesity my whole life and finally beat it with this system.  Most diets are a quick fix and once you go back to “normal” you gain the weight back. Since we can still eat our favorite foods every week on the Spike Diet and there are no crazy restrictions, this is a plan that is designed to be followed as a lifestyle.

This quote embodies the characteristics of The Spike Diet.  It is from a leading NASA nutritionist.

“When you restrict calories and increase activity, hormones like leptin signal the body to reduce the metabolic rate and increase hunger signals. It’s a survival reaction to protect fat stores. This is especially true for women whose biological design requires more fat to protect the growth of the fetus. These hormones are also one reason people trying to lose weight have such a hard time–before your body adjusts to a lower caloric rate. It tries to get
you to eat more.”

Dr. Caroline Apovian, M.D. Director of the Center of Nutrition and Weight Management at Boston Medical Center. Quote from the book; “Are you losing it? Losing Weight without Losing Your Mind  ” Alli (January 1, 2007)

Here is the secret. Once you feel out of control type of cravings, it is too late.  Your body has already slowed metabolism and is now stingy with using your body fat as energy. In order to burn fat long term, we need to avoid this scenario at all costs.

The Spike Diet is based on my personal experience, which includes more than 20 years of dieting.  I used to weigh 330 pounds.  Doctors called me morbidly obese and I wore 46 inch waist jeans.  I was told I had to lose weight. I was prescribed diet pills, and when those didn’t work I was just told by society to “eat less, and exercise more.”  This is the same society that tries to get us to eat more with indulgent advertisements and “super-sizing for a dollar. We are constantly surrounded by these mixed messages, and all the while we are getting fatter as a society and causing a burden on the Health Care System. The problem is we are doing exactly what the human body is designed to do when surrounded by an abundance of food. This is the real reason why two-thirds of Americans are overweight.  I am not crying, “us poor American’s” I am just saying we need to understand these facts in order to fix the problem.

Once I realized my attempts to lose weight were going against my own nature, and my cravings and my genetics were holding me back, I knew what I had to do in order to win my freedom from obesity.  As of today I have lost more than 100 pounds from my highest weight, I have been forever freed from the prison that was my obese body, and the Spike Diet was my liberator.  As personal trainer and manager at Anytime Fitness in Elk River, MN, I have been able to share my diet with other people that were in my situation and the results have been fantastic.

The following are testimonials from readers about The Spike Diet:

“I started my journey just two short months ago, and all I can say is WOW!  I have lost 11 pounds so far, and the diet is so easy to follow.”

“The Spike Diet is something that will work. It will work for the rest of your life, it’s not a fad. I have done Atkins and similar diets, and while they work for about a month they were just not sustainable for me. The Spike Diet is something that changes your dieting habits for your lifetime.”

“With the Spike Diet you do not need to spend all your time in the gym and eat food with no taste or flavor. You will have so many choices and teach your body what foods will fill you up and still taste good.”

The Spike Diet is in the process of being published by BRIO: Publishing Made Simple.  Go to for more information.

Russell Branjord
Russell Branjord is a Certified Personal Trainer, and the author of the Spike Diet. Learn more about the Spike Diet at

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