Losing Weight and Gaining Strength

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Is it possible to gain strength while losing weight?

Yes. In fact it is possible to make impressive strength gains while losing an impressive amount of weight.

Last year I began experimenting with powerlifting. At this time I also dedicated myself to a strict eating plan, having gained significant weight after the birth of my second daughter. Over the course of 120 days, I lost nearly 60 pounds, while bumping my bench press up 90 pounds.

I also began experimenting for the first time in my life with the deadlift. It went from 365 to 505 pounds. I was also squatting 40 pounds more than I had ever squatted before…and all at the age of 40.

But I am not alone.

Powerlifting vet Mike Wolfe lost 76 pounds while boosting his bench press nearly 25 pounds. …read more.

Losing Weight and Gaining Strength, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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