Home Muscle Building Workout Routine For Men

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Perhaps you don’t have the time, money, energy or even the desire to train at a commercial gym. What then? Is it possible to build muscle at home using a limited amount of equipment?


The following muscle building workout routine can be performed at home, and only requires the following equipment:

  • Adjustable Dumbbells – Preferably spin-lock dumbbells, so you can easily change weight from exercise to exercise.
  • Standard Weight Plates – It is recommended that you have 160-200 pounds of standard plates, allowing for up to 80-100 pound dumbbells.
  • Weight Bench – Having a bench is invaluable, and makes working your upper body much easier.
  • Squat Rack or Squat Stands – If you do not have a squat rack, then invest in squat stands. They are a cost-effective alternative.
  • Olympic Barbell – A barbell allows you to perform the meat and potato muscle building exercises – deadlifts, bench press, squats, rows and overhead presses.

This workout utilizes the Rep Goal System. You will be working out 3 days a week using full body style training. Make sure to rest at least one day in between every training session.

  • Day 1 – Workout A
  • Day 2 – Off
  • Day 3 – Workout B
  • Day 4 – Off
  • Day 5 – Workout C
  • Day 6 – Off
  • Day 7 – Off

Home Muscle Building Workout Routine For Men

Day 1
Workout A
Exercise Sets Rep Goal
 Squats  3  25
 Bench Press  3  25
 Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts  3  25
 Barbell Rows  3  25
 Seated Arnold Press  3  30
 Skullcrushers  3  30
 Dumbbell Curls  3  30
 Sit Ups  3  AMAP
Day 3
Workout B
Exercise Sets Rep Goal
 Deadlifts  3  20
 Dumbbell Flyes  3  35
 Goblet Squats  3  40
 Pull Ups  3  AMAP
 Bent Over Reverse Flyes  3  35
 Dumbbell Shrugs  3  40
 Hammer Curls  3  30
 Dumbbell Side Bends  3  40
Day 5
Workout C
Exercise Sets Rep Goal
 Squats  1  20
 Dumbbell Bench Press  3  30
 Still Leg Deadlifts  2  25
 Dumbbell Rows  3  30
 Seated Barbell Press  3  25
 Two Arm Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extension  3  30
 Barbell Curls  3  30
 Planks  3  60 sec

Workout Notes

AMAP = As many reps as possible.

Pull Ups – If you do not have a pull ups bar as home, perform rack chins. Rack chins are featured below.

If you have any questions about this workout, please leave them in the comments section below.

Home Muscle Building Workout Routine For Men, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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What % of 1 rep max should these be done at ?

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