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Hemo-Rage Black by Nutrex


hemo rage blackThe Hardcore products that you have been accustomed to over the years shall no longer be your weapons of choice! At Nutrex Research, we understand that we must continue to evolve in order for you to keep your edge over the opposition. Your arsenal must contain the most advanced artillery available.

We invite you to join us Underground, where we have developed our newest weapon of Mass Dilation! Introducing HemoRage, the meanest and cruelest pre-workout supplement this world has ever seen. This Underground formula offers the most vicious blend of raging energy, blood volume expanding, and pump inducing compounds allowed in battle. All is fair in the Underground in War!

Hemo Rage Highlights:

  • EPO Underground Blood Doping Matrix
  • Psycho Neuro Complex
  • Underground Blood Boil Nitric Oxide Activator
  • Heat Shock Pro
  • Powerplex Strength Signaling Complex
  • Underground Fat Detonator
  • Cell Volume & Muscle Building Complex
  • Anabolic Energy Rage
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