Green Tea Energy by To Go Brands

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green tea energyGreen Tea Energy Fusion™ is more than just tea. It’s a fusion of healthy, all natural green teas and energizing herbs & extracts from around the globe. It is scientifically formulated to support metabolism* and to give you the fuel you need to energize your body & refresh your senses.

Benefits of Green Tea Energy Fusion

Green Tea Energy Fusion provides a unique, organic fusion of benefits* from healthful teas and ingredients from around the world.

  • Organic Japanese Green Tea rich in EGCG-100 mg per packet has been added to this energizing formula to maximize metabolism support* and provide you with even more healthy EGCG antioxidants!
  • L-Theanine – A health optimizing amino acid that helps prevent the jitters. L-Theanine is reported to support mental concentration and focus. L-Theanine is marketed in Japan as a nutritional supplement for mood support.
  • Organic Yerba Maté & Guaraná Seed Extract – Indigenous to South America, Yerba Maté has traditionally been used as a brewed drink for mental & physical fatigue. Guaraná has long been a popular ingredient in beverages in South America.
  • Organic Aloe Vera – Called the “Plant of Immortality” by the ancient Egyptians, Aloe has been shown in some scientific studies to help the liver convert fats into energy.

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