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Gainers Fuel Pro by Twinlab


gainers fuel proWhile other products deliver the calories, we take a more scientific approach so that you gain muscle mass, not fat. Gainers Fuel Pro has been specifically formulated to the ratio of carbs/fat/protein used by professional body builders. This ultra advanced weight gain formula consists of only the highest quality protein from 100% whey sources, delivering this muscle boosting nutrient in its most bioavailable and digestible form.

Rich in complex carbs, we’ve included high performance fat from MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil which increases energy and reduces muscle breakdown. Add a superior amino acid profile and increased antioxidant levels for enhanced recovery, and you’ve got the right combination to maximize your muscle growth.

Super Gainers Fuel Pro Product Highlights:

  • Gainers Fuel Pro contains more muscle building and energizing calories than any other weight gain formula.
  • Gainers Fuel Pro is lower in fat compared to other weight gain formulas.
  • Gainers Fuel Pro contains more predigested proteins and amino acids than other weight gain formulas. Each serving contains the equivalent of (30) one gram, peptide-bonded amino acid tablets or capsule.
  • Gainers Fuel Pro is higher in complex carbs than other weight gain formulas.
  • Gainers Fuel Pro contains more vitamins and minerals compared to other weight gain formulas.
  • Gainers Fuel Pro provides the highest biological-quality proteins from pharmaceutical grade pancreatic digests of whey protein (lactalbumin) and egg white (albumin) protein. No lower quality proteins are present such as soy, tofu, collagen or red-muscle protein complex.
  • Gainers Fuel Pro contains only 100% predigested proteins that digest easier and absorb better for maximum anabolic gains. No whole protein concentrates are present such as whey protein concentrate, egg white protein, or soy protein isolates.
  • Gainers Fuel Pro contains high potencies of the anabolic mineral chromium (400mcg per serving) derived from Chromic Fuel. A recent study with weight-training athletes suggest that chromium picolinate helps to preserve muscle mass.
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