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Full Body Periodized Workout Routine

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This workout was created by MikeD from the Muscle and Brawn Forum.

I had a guy ask for a full body periodized routine he could do three days a week. I ended up writing two routines and I thought I would share the more “hardcore” one. Maybe some one could use it.

Sets and reps are listed after each exercises and does not include warmups. Pick a weight and complete it for the prescribed sets and reps. Try to increase the weight each session. Example Week 1 Squat warmup then 315 3×8.

Day 1

  • Squat (Weeks 1-4 3×8, 5-8 3×5, 9-12 3×3)
  • Bench (same as squat)
  • Dead (Weeks 1-8 1×5, 9-12 1×3)
  • Leg assistance (see assistance rules)
  • Leg raise 3×15

Day 2

  • Front Squat (same as squat)
  • Military (same as squat)
  • DB row (12, 10s, 8s same 4 week blocks)
  • Arm assistance
  • Crunch 3×15

Day 3

  • Pause Squat (same as squat)
  • Incline (same as squat)
  • Power Clean or High Pull (weeks 1-8 3×5, 9-12 3×3)
  • Chest and Shoulder assistance
  • Side Bend 3×15

Assistance – After the three main exercises are completed for the sets and reps prescribed. I will give you an area to concentrate on that day and you will pick some exercises and pump the hell out of it. The limit is that you have 20 minutes or less to do it. No more. I dont want you doing an hours worth of curls. You can do supersets, giant sets, whatever. Just push alot of blood in the area. Sets and reps up to you but no more than twenty minutes.

Example would be for chest and shoulder assistance a giant set of Machine incline,Machine shoulder press, and dumbell laterals. You do a set of each, rest, and go through all three again.

A lot of possibilites but the idea is that there is a heavy- light-medium stress day. This still allows you to come in and work hard but the exercises will limit you in poundage or design in how stressful it is on the body and allow some recovery. For example, I dont care how heavy you go on a dumbell row its does not cause the same recovery debt as a hard set of deadlifts. This is different from the standard HLM model of using the same exercises but just going lighter.

Steve Shaw
Steve Shaw is the primary content writer for Muscle and Brawn.

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