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Freak Fix Muscle Whey by Muscle Asylum Project

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freak fix muscle wheyWhen it comes to jacking up your muscle mass, whey protein is superior to milk protein. But, not any regular whey protein can ignite the type of muscle building gains you’re looking for and is the exact reason why scientists at the Muscle Asylum Project™ scientifically engineered Freak Fix™ .

It is a scientifically superior protein matrix that contains 100% ultra-pure and highly-potent whey protein designed to help you pack on more muscle faster than ever before. In fact, Freak Fix is so effective at building muscle, a clinical study demonstrated that subjects ingesting a key ingredient contained in the formula gained a shocking 15 times more muscle than placebo in only six weeks (5.88 vs. 0.37 lbs.)!

But Muscle Asylum Project scientists and researchers didn’t stop there. In order to develop an incomparably superior tasting formula to milk-based and ordinary whey protein, the researchers dedicated countless hours collaborating with flavoring experts to ensure it was the best tasting protein formula in existence. They even went to the extreme length of conducting multiple color-controlled, blind comparison laboratory taste tests, where Freak Fix was chosen significantly more than the competition. No other inferior milk-based formula can rival the musclebuilding power and delicious taste of Freak Fix . In fact, MAP flavoring experts are so confident, there is a 100% money-back guarantee!

Once you’re on Freak Fix, you will experience truly extraordinary gains. Slabs of granite-hard muscle will morph onto your frame, previous personal bests will seem like a joke, and all eyes will now be on you, the freakshow, when you stride into the gym. Freak Fix is the choice of hardcore bodybuilders willing to do whatever it takes to get BIG!

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