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Mind and Motivation This forum is for the cultivation of motivation, inner health, spiritual health and mental strength.

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Default Your first thought...

Your first thought

Will you please shut up! Just stop nagging at me and leave me alone okay! Why don’t you just stop talking and perhaps go on a holiday somewhere…..a long holiday and leave me be…please! These painfully invisible and negatively dressed monologues need to disappear and they need to disappear NOW!

Mmmm, what was all that about huh! It’s your mental attitude and how you can cultivate and shape it to make your life more fruitful and enjoyable for you as well as for others who come in contact with you.

According to the dictionary, a mental attitude is a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways: "he had the attitude that work was fun".

If you can only fathom the power of your single thought, you would never allow a negative thought to sprout inside of your head ever again. Trust me, you don’t need an external weapon to destroy yourself, oh no; one single internal negative thought would be enough to annihilate and rain down a most destructive force upon you…if you should allow it.

We grow up being told how beautiful and smart we are; but we also grow up whilst being told how ugly, dumb and have no hope of ever succeeding in this world. As long as the positive outweighs the negative comments, we tend to make it through to adulthood in one sane piece. Now we’re adults and we are told not to let others put us down with their negative comments. Not to let others get to us and affect our attitude. But the irony of it all is that we, yes we, are the worst offenders to our ownselves. We limit our own potential and judge our sense of self-worth better than our worst enemy can ever dream of judging. So what does it; and is there a formula to rise above the negativity and ride the road to creating a winning attitude? I say YES!

You see, your attitude determines your altitude. Yes, but more powerful still is that your attitude and not your aptitude will most certainly determine your altitude. It all starts with that chatter box inside of your head, that first thought. It tells you that you can’t and won’t because you’re simply not good or pretty enough. It wants to pull you down and it’s all happening inside your own head, whilst the world goes on with its business. If you allow this negative chatter to go on unabated, it will take you to the next step in this formula of negative “attitude”. That next step is your subconscious, where all thoughts of self-worth, self-image, and the opinion you have of who you are, are reinforced. This reinforcement of who you believe you are will then begin to control your performance; the way you perceive the world to be and the way your life is running. This outlook on the world then reinforces the next wave of chatter boxes. Unfortunately this cycle becomes a vicious circle, where your negative actions will determine your next negative chatter box and so on.

As you can see, it has ALL started with a thought, a negative thought. Well, why not make that first triggering thought a positive one. Then your chatter box would be feeding your self-esteem and playing a tremendous role to strengthen it; which will reinforce your subconscious of your self-worth, which will have you act in a positive manner, which will lead to more success and so on. Do not forget, it all began with your first thought

I know we’re human beings; a bubble of emotions and not some dry abstract robotic machines. Sometimes we do get down for whatever reason, and that may be fine but for a brief moment in time. Allow that feeling to prolong, and you’ll allow the seed of negativity to grow into a giant tree. It’s always best to cut the negative feeling as early as possible when the proportion of strength is in your favour. Failing to do so could have a disastrous consequence on your attitude.

I’ll leave you with this final thought...

If the first negative inward thought is not warded off, it will generate a desire, then the desire will generate a wish, and the wish will generate an intention, and the intention will generate the action, and the action will result in ruin and/or failure. So evil must be cut off at its root, which is when it is simply a thought that crosses the mind, from which all other things follow on.

Thanks for stopping by...

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