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Muscle Building and Bodybuilding Topics related to muscle building, bodybuilding, including training and fullbody workouts. If you are looking for great advice on gaining muscle this forum is for you.

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Old 08-26-2013, 10:44 AM   #11
"the Grinder"
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I would say slow eccentrics is more of a hypertrophy oriented technique. Having said that, I think the beginner and early intermediate (first 2-3 years of proper training) would be better suited just focusing on getting stronger at all lifts in any given rep range.
I use slow eccentrics now, sparringly (if at all). For example, I was out of town a few weeks ago and the timeshare I was at only had dumbells that went up to 50lbs. In order to have a semi effective upper body session, I did slow eccentrics on the flat db bench. I felt using them allowed me to get a decent workout in.
Another example is band tricep pulldowns at home. I only have minibands. I have started using slow eccentrics to increase the usefulness of the movement. Still though, this is on an ancillary movement and I am still hammering my triceps with heavy OHP, heavy bench press, Incline press, and CGBP through out the week.
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I am not a powerlifter nor am I a bodybuilder. I just want to be big and strong.

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is the bomb!
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I do them sometimes on isolation type movements. Other than that, I don't think you could convince me of it being a smart decision on a compound movement.
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