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Originally Posted by JBWarren70 View Post
American College of Sports Medicine on overtraining.
Right, so I'll take notes as I go for discussions sake. I very much want to be convinced that overtraining exists. Of course it must EXIST, but I do not think it is achievable as it is made out to be. I hope to be proven wrong.

ACSM states that overtraining occurs when physical performance is depressed for extended periods of time. Firstly, they have not yet defined that period of time (I'll keep reading), and secondly there is no mention of depressed physical performance by the OP. In fact, he says specifically that his gains are only slowing or not coming. Unless we are likening plateaus to overtraining, I can't accept this yet.

Of course, when we talk about overtraining, we generally associate it with CNS fatigue or something to the like. The ACSM explicitly states, in regards to this, "Although it has been theorized that the sympathetic nervous system may become exhausted with this type of training (the parasympathetic overtraining syndrome), this has yet to be demonstrated with resistance exercise." This explicitly states there is no known evidence for a CNS component to "overtraining."

Then, consider hormonal inputs. This article so far mentions testosterone and cortisol, stating the testosterone:cortisol ratio decreases. This makes complete sense, cortisol is a hyperglycemia promoting hormone and aids in fat mobilization. The article hasn't yet mentioned that testosterone decreases, but it would make sense that cortisol increases when training. In fact, the lowered testosterone:cortisol ratio is only found to be true when considering high volume training, and NOT high intensity training (stated in the article).

There is finally some evidence presented for overtraining, in which catecholamines increase during periods of high intensity training. However, the article makes the correlation between decrease muscle capabilities and increased catecholamines, and doesn't say much more.

The rest of the article lists some symptoms of overtraining and then tells you these are mostly derived from aerobic over training studies.

I'm still not super convinced that overtraining exists. I think this discussion was good, but I'm still not incredibly convinced you can call something over training unless you're using optimal recovery protocols. I bow out of this discussion, I feel like I've ruffled some feathers.
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According to that document:

"The majority of these signs and symptoms are derived from endurance exercise overtraining research. Not all of these signs and symptoms have been linked with resistance exercise overtraining, due partly to a lack of relevant research on the topic, and to the fact that resistance exercise presents different physiological stress compared to endurance exercise."

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