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Originally Posted by Adamite1114 View Post
So I know it's a smith machine. but it's a free-motion smith machine and it's the best that my gym can do. When I am a week out from my meet I will pay a daily fee at a more expensive gym to use a real squat rack. I'm seven weeks out right now.

After taking a second look, and assuming you squat exactly the same with free weight, I can see that you are not recruiting your glutes very well in this squat...if at all.

When you come out of the hole, you are pushing with your legs. I say that because of the way your ass fires out behind you. It kind of does a "C" motion during your squat.

You need to keep them TIGHT throughout the lift. Keep your entire body TIGHT. What helps me is to envision myself exploding from pressure while I am in the hole. That is how tight you should try to be, not just in the glutes, but in the entire body.

If you've ever done the hip adductor machine (the one where you push out with your knees), you can feel that it activates your glutes as well. Pushing your knees out hard will help you keep your glutes in the lift. Along with that, just flex them as hard as you can. Pretend you have a walnut in between your cheeks and that you are trying to crack it open! The power of visualization!

Good luck at your meet!
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