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Use to pull both ways would make one the focus while the other was accessory. Heavier for the primary lift that was pulled off blocks starting from 8" down to 2". This recipe made the best strength gains I've ever experienced.

This is an 8 week DL meet prep.
Sumo Pull Primary
670 off 8" blocks

Assistance work was in the 65-75% range 2-4 sets 6-10r
405 x 10 tng reps or did dimel DL, SLDL

Drop an 1" per session on Primary lift.

Weight selection was by bar speed and how my cns felt, sometimes could work up to the same weight at the lower Box height other times I had to adjust 25lbs + -.

You could just run it in reverse order( Primary Conv/Assistance Sumo) since you pull conventional for meets.

When my knee is good to go you will see this exact approach in my log.

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