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First off, sorry about the emotional post last night. I had a bit too much to drink and had a lot on my mind. Having said that, thank you guys for taking the time to reply with some positive encouragement. Means a lot.

Originally Posted by moeheep View Post
Happens...and will happen again....just put it behind you and get back to work.....
Thanks Moe. I got back to work already. You're right man, all I can do is move foreward. Seriously, thanks man.
Originally Posted by bn2004 View Post
". I will not stop. I will continue on my diet. I want this. I want to drop fat. I want to look good. I want to feel good."

This alone tells me you will succeed buddy! Just get right back on tracks. I'm right there with you man, yesterday was not a great day, but today will be by the book! You can do it man!
Thanks Bn. I appreciate the encouragement. I guess not everyday can be a win.
Originally Posted by Braveone View Post
I got,pretty off track last night as well. Beers and wine and dinner out, the whole happens. Don't let it bring you down and don't dwell. The most important think is to get right back on track and keep moving forward.

You can do this!

Side note...I personally think to ensure you keep your muscle mass and your strength you should up your protein an little and get you fat intake down a 2 cents.
Thanks Braveone. I appreciate the encouragement man. I have 2 choices, dwell and fail or get back on track and move forward. That's that. I don't want to fail.

I'll keep the side note in mind. TO be honest I am very new to this diet approach. Currently my main concern is just the logistics of counting calories and just trying to get them under control. Once I have done that I will worry a bit more about macros.
Having said that, I am working on getting more protein and less carbs. Today was pretty successful. I'll post my numbers for today here shortly.
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