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is mental!!!
I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by CLEEPER View Post
Week 4 day day 1

Skipped five minute elliptical.

Box squat
155 x11
205 x10
234 x9+1
2 min rest

Straight leg dead lift dead
185 x12+2
185 x10
60 sec rest. More for a stretch in hammies

Barbell Pendlay row
185 x11+1
205 x10
215 x10
2 min rest(90 seconds is just to soon)

135 x11
145 x11+1
155 x10

135 x12
155 x12
175 x12
90 seconds rest ( add 5 lbs and reset to 8 reps next )

Db curls
35's x11/12/12+1 each set

Bw chest dips
238 x15/15/12 same. 30sec rest

Hanging leg raise
25/25 then 45 sec plank

Damn that plank was tough
Have not done them in a year. Then after knee raise = damn!

Calf raise
Bw single leg calf raise
238 x25/25/20.
Done in 72 minutes
Great workout Chad! I don't envy your rest times ! Strong progression and numbers keep going up!
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