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is mental!!!
I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by TDawg75 View Post
12/15/13- IT'S LEG DAY, BITCHES,ahem uhh, I mean, holy moly, it sure seems like a magically wonderful day for some squattage, gentlemen, lol.

I wasn't motivated at all to head to the gym today, but I had no choice. In order to get enough rest between my leg and dl days, I have to get it done today. Even though I didn't want to go and expected a less than stellar performance, it came out alright. It is hard to not be motivated when you look over to the side and your two youngest kids (5 and 8) have already started working out on their own. On top of that, my pre-workout kicked in just as "For Those About to Rock" by AC/DC started playing on my workout cd. Under those conditions it was hard NOT top over-do it. Ended up being a pretty good workout.

I have only been using paused squats for a couple of weeks, but I think they are to blame for my surge in squat and dl strength. I think it was KD5NFW who recommended these to me. Thanks!!!

bar x 10, 10
135 x 8
185 x 5
225 x 3
275 x 2
315 x 2

work sets
365 x 3
385 x 2
405 x 2

Pause squats (2 sec)
225 x 8
245 x 8
265 x 8

Hip sled
510 x 8
600 x 8
690 x 8

Pic of my motivation coaches
That's some great motivation! Way to kill them squats! Getting stronger big guy, numbers keep going up! Smash on!
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