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is mental!!!
I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by Cutty View Post
Thanks Rand, working on getting better.

Thanks, I am not counting calories but I'm doing it in my head, I don't know if I'm eating below maintenance I am afraid to even eat anymore. I have really high stress, I suspect T and thyroid problems but everyone makes me think it's just because I'm eating too much and not working hard enough.
How can you know what you're eating if you don't count? Counting can be a pain at first, just like lifting, but after awhile it becomes second nature! There are a billion aps to make it even easier. Without knowing exactly what you do each day how can you know when and how to make adjustments? Same goes with lifting, would you not track progress in the gym? Guess at what weights you used last time and hope you increased weight or did more reps? Of course not and that's why your WAY FING STRONGER!
I counted cals for a year and a half, and did well transforming from crap to decent! Then after my first meet I winged it, no counting, didn't worry even if I knew I had eaten too much. I gained 20lbs and only 2 of it was muscle, FAIL! Guess what I'm doing again
Can't make you do it, but think you'd do much better and not set yourself up for disappointment if you counted
My two cents and lecture over!
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