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is mental!!!
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Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
Seeing that a few people tend to drop in to more of a semi-squat position during their KB swings, I thought these two vids may help a bit...the more a person uses the "squat" position which is incorrect for the swing, the less power they will produce and the easier and quicker they will fatigue.

The first vid is to show how to feel that correct hip hinge position in the hammies and how to practice it with a wall.

The second vid shows swings being done, so you can compare them with your own swings.

The thing to watch for in both of the vids is the angle of the upper leg (thigh), this is what you should be aiming to replicate during a KB swing.

Hopefully, these will be of help to people.

Starts at about 1:41 in this vid...

Good stuff Babs!
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