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Injuries can be a real pain...I've had several that still affect me today:

Falling 4 feet or so flat on to my back when I was no more than about 4-5 years old; that's what caused the TOS.

A cycling accident (pushbike), full impact taken by the one kneecap, which had me using a walking stick for a year with an inflamed knee (water on the knee) resulting in an unstable kneecap which now does not permit running, skipping, lots of jumping; it can't tolerate that at all.

An ankle/lower leg bad twist, which meant 1 and a half years recovery to walk normally; this occurred after slipping off an aerobic step whilst doing HIIT at height.

Twisting both ankles on getting out of a car, which brought the unstable kneecap to the forefront and having to concentrate on building up the quads to assist in maintaining as stable a knee as possible, with lots of physiotherapy sessions to teach my body how to balance since I'd knocked out all the ankle balance receptors and had to work on brain-balance receptor usage and proprioception etc...however, I can now balance extremely well, which surprises me, since the ankle receptors don't work anymore, according to the physio.

A bad twist to the lower back which resulted in "tearing the ligaments in the lower back" (doc's words) and not being able to feel pretty much anything from the waist down for months.

The lower back took at least 20+ years to settle, although it still plays up. The knee, well, running is out, stepping is still doable. The upperback and TOS are a real pain, daily.

These are just the "major" injuries, minor ones aside.

It's just finding a way around the injury and the problems it has left you with, it may be that the knee injury you have will prevent you from doing one of the things you really enjoy, sadly, this does happen; monitor it and see if anything triggers it, it's the only way to know.

Always give an injury time to heal and then give it a week on top, IMO, it may never be fully healed though, no matter how much time a person gives it.
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