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Originally Posted by The_Big_Sleep View Post
Most of these "additives/preservatives" have trivial, if much at all, impact on one's health. About the only difference is low-fat products (especially dairy) are generally saltier and higher in sugar/carb content
We'll have to agree to disagree on that point, some people are extremely sensitive to them.

Here's just one story: one kid had extreme migraines almost everyday of his life up to age 9y/o, he was put on every med they could think of, turned out he was extremely sensitive to an ingredient/preservative used in hotdogs...once he avoided that particular ingredient, no more migraines and no more meds required.

People are sensitive to a lot of the chemicals as well as natural foods...a proportion of society has no issues with either, they're the lucky ones (possibly) but to say that they have trivial, if much at all, impact on one's health is to overlook the point that they can and they do have impact on some people's health and what that percentage of people is, nobody has a clue and neither can they assume it to be minimal or major, because we simply don't know but what we do know is that they do negatively impact some people, even in very minute trace amounts.

The really sad part was that it was only once someone decided to look in to his diet for a possible cause that they found this out, he had no need to suffer all those years or pump meds after meds into his body.
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