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Originally Posted by Soldier View Post
Am I the only one who routinely fantasizes about going back in time? Not like me going back as the person I am now, but going back and replacing the person I was. I'd go back to middle school and ask that one girl out. That one girl, the one I spent all those hours thinking about and dreaming about. I'd go up without a second thought and say "Hey, you wanna hang out some time?" She'd probably say "No thanks", and I'd move on with my life. Or she'd say ok and I'd find out that she wasn't nearly as great as I made her out to be.

Or I'd go back to high school and instead of ruining my shoulders by playing football I'd lift weights, get jacked and stay in the band. Yup, the band. My sister got a music scholarship that helped her get a degree from UF. I'd focus on academics, play in the band, go to college, then get a good job and never end up joining the Army.

The funny thing is, the older I get, the more I long for the old days. Not for what they were, but what I could have made them knowing what I know now. One of the big things I think about is my fitness and strength levels.

Just imagine it! Go back to high school, start a solid progressive lifting routine, eat right and do things right. God, I could have really made something of it.

I know I'm not the only one who thinks about that, right?
so wait, are you saying you still want to bang middle schoolers?

but seriously, i think about that stuff too. i try not to. i think it may not be healthy. i try to focus on the present as much as possible.
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