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Originally Posted by Soldier View Post
For the record, I'm bad about that stuff too. I do a little dynamic stretching to warm up, then just work up from lighter weights. I should probably start thinking more about that stuff.

I probably won't though.
This was me for a long time. Still is at times. When I tore my pec, Donnie Thompson contacted me on FB. We talked for a bit about my warm ups, and be basically called me a dumbass haha. Now I have a set thing I do every day for warm ups.

A lot of people dont believe in static stretching, but my body doesnt like me if I dont do some. The guys who help with my training now are big on active warm ups. I do a set of things every session with them before we start.

In the end it varies from person to person, but active warm ups and recovery are important for most lifters.
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